Monday, 25 April 2011

Park life

All the people, so many people... :)  Okay, I'm not about to break into song, but I have spent the entire day down in the park getting mildly irradiated, watching people wander by and revising DS-type questions from the OG12.

Happy to say that I've flown through them, up to about 60 so far - luckily I've seen so many other questions since my last run-through of the book I'm actually having to think about the reasoning behind the answers instead of playing a game of 'lets remember what I said last time'.

Unfortunately, I can remember RC/SC sections fairly well and so when I come to revising these sections again I'll need lots of new source material and original questions to play with.

The thought of spending another $300 on the GMAT is somewhat sickening, especially finding myself out of contract and seeking work - perhaps I'll spend tomorrow chasing up potential jobs (as a lack of cash may indeed be as restrictive to future MBA plans as a deficient GMAT quant score)...  fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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