Sunday, 1 May 2011

End of the holidays - back to work :)

Righteo, it's been a few days since this blog has been updated and admittedly I've done very little in the way of revision since the last post.  In the interest of avoiding burn-out, however, this short break was muchly needed to keep spirits up, which will undoubtedly benefit me in the coming weeks as I approach the re-sit :)

<< a weekend of friends visiting, watching the royal wedding from outside the abbey and general relaxation >>

It's also one month to go before the Fulbright Comission MBA Scholarship application deadline and it looks like I'm one reference short... I'll have to chase this up next week!! (as well as re-visiting the draft essays)

My plan for this evening is to attempt the questions asked in the GMATClub iPhone app - the version I have contains 111 'hard' (700+) quant questions - so should be useful practice.   Before starting, I see there is a useful 'History' function built in that will not only allow me to re-visit those questions I got wrong but also highlight any questions taking 1min30+ and 2mins+ to answer correctly... this should be very useful! (results to follow)

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