Saturday, 16 April 2011

Keeping it up - the revenge of the GMAT :)

Broke my promise to myself on Thursday and ended up in the Fulbright library, running through MGMAT quant books :) :)  Since my score in the math section was almost the definition of 'average' I figured I'll really need to brush up on DS, properties of n! and so on before launching the bid for a spot at one of the top 5.

That said, 680 should be good enough for most business schools out there, so will proceed with applications for scholarships and other schools who are already a good fit, whilst plugging away at my math skills.

Talking of schools with good fits, I'm not sure about whether I should actually apply for LBS... the pros are that it:  is literally next door (so no relocation costs etc), can provide access to 'the City' for projects / internships and so on, is ranked #1 by the FT and comparatively highly in other publications this year.

The cons, on the other hand are: by being 'next door' there isn't the comparable expansion of perspectives and personal development that is offered by schools abroad,  funding is very difficult to come by for UK based MBA's - it will basically be a full bank loan at a rather painful rate, and having attended a lecture (+information evening) there I'm not yet onvinced it provides the teaching environment I'd be comfortable in.... I'm quite the proponent of the case method and find the standard lectures (such as those offered by most courses here in the UK) do not make full use of the opportunity to learn from other perspectives offered in the room.

Decisions decisions....

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