Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fulbright Commission

Having been investigating finance options for quite a while, I was delighted to discover the Fulbright Commission (http://www.fulbright.co.uk/) who have a range of resources available for students looking to study in the US, as well as various scholarships that one may apply for.

The aims of the organisation are to promote peace and understanding through cultural exchange, an ideal I'm fully supportive of having been actively involved with AIESEC in the past - who similarly promote cultural understanding through the exchange of students on work placements around the world. (a big 'HEY AIESEC' to anyone out there!)

That said, the situation in the US is rather attractive compared with that of the UK anyway, considering the availability of funding direct from US schools in the form of fellowships and loans.  Hopefully the UK will catch on to this idea quickly, as whilst we see tuition fees increasing for the undergraduate population we also see a reduced willingness from the banks to lend sufficient funds to students.

The deadlines for applications to the Commission are varied, depending on which of the schemes one applies to - though it is worth noting that key deadlines for 2012 intakes are swiftly approaching.

Good luck to anyone else out there applying for scholarships!!.

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