Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Post-GMAT cooldown

Well, that wasn't so bad - albeit I fluffed up on the Maths... just how many data sufficiency questions can you ask on obsure powers of x??  Q40, V42 - overall 680.  

Whilst I'm quite happy to tackle Harvard with this, I might try a re-sit in a month or two just to see if I can bring that quant up a bit... or maybe just throw myself into some investment management studies in the meantime (as most of it's on the RC, I'll sit the IMC in the coming months and count it as useful prep)

oh and happy birthday to me.... will celebrate by not studying for the next 24hrs... lol


Edit: (20/04/11) -- Definately need improvement to Q45+ for HBS... resit is inevitable :)

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