Tuesday, 12 April 2011

GMAT studies (7) - one day to go

Well, I've been rattling through more online prep material (GMAT club has a good few online tests to try out, as well as an active discussion community) for the last few days and feeling faily relaxed  - I'm not expecting to get 800 (there's a lot more to life than being able to work out all the values of X in a formula that won't work in 10 seconds - great if you can do it, but I'm pretty sure that's why computers and junior analysts exist), but pretty confident that I can pull off a 700+

Some new free stuff to look out for: GMAT Club, Veritas, MBA toolkit and BeatTheGMAT apps for the iPhone.

Just spent the last few hours running through my final practice CAT, only had 20 seconds on my last math question (timing is getting there!!) and got a 730 for my efforts... okay mr test, I'm ready for you! ;)

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