Thursday, 12 May 2011

A break from studies :)

Well it's been a little while and whilst I've been working through the GMATClub app's set of 'Hard Quant questions', I've also taken a slight break to focus my efforts on three of the other workstreams that would enable me to take an MBA next year:

1) Fulbright Commission --- I'm still working on the application and have become a little nervous that my third and final referee has yet to submit his letter online.... a little bit of chasing is required!!

2) Work --- Whilst the song says that 'starting from zero you've got nothing to lose', an empty bank account does not make for an attractive application when it comes to Visas or indeed when looking at funding two years of studies in the states.  Numerous applications have been filed in the last few weeks and hopefully one will hit the mark!!

3) Volunteer work (aka 'keeping sane')  --- spent the last couple of days digging up bits of a nature reserve in the hope of supporting the BTCV's efforts to improve biodiversity and make the Russia Dock area of east london a more pleasant environment :)  unfortunately I've also been severely bitten by the local mosquito population and am suffering as a result....  it'll give me something extra to talk about when it comes to University interviews though!

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