Thursday, 26 May 2011

Submission!! :)

With final references submitted, essays written and a bit of good research on business schools done (as had to select a few as part of the application), my Fulbright application is complete and is sat looking at me across the desk from in its white envelope....  I'll walk this down to the commission later today, and just in time too - the deadline for applications is the 31st of this month.  I think next time I need to seek references a few more 'back-up' approaches may be needed, it got a little worrying in the lead-up to this week chasing up the final submission!!  I imagine there'll be quite a few others in the same boat.

The finance situation is still looking a little grim, as work has yet to pick up and the nice pot of savings I've collected over the last two years for the MBA is being eroded swiftly.... all one can do is keep their fingers crossed and hope for the best!  (that and hope that there's something resembling a chance of full funding out there! lol) 

In the meantime, I've found some great volunteering opportunities in the local area - if anyone else finds that they have some free time I'd really recommend getting involved in local projects as I'm sure you'll get a real buzz from making a difference to the projects you get involved in :)  (for anyone based in the UK, it's worthwhile checking out BTCV, formerly the 'British Trust for Conservation Volunteers' -- there are a lot of great projects country-wide)

Next week, as well as the regular jobhunt, I'll be starting a new project assessing applicants for the London Ambassadors programme - the initiative for supporting the London 2012 olympics.  I'm really looking forward to getting involved with this one and it looks like we're going to be very busy interviewing all the volunteers!! :)

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